Designed by a miner, for a miner.

The Miners lunchbox; Designed by a miner, for a miner.

and for anyone who eats lunch

The Miners Lunchbox has been manufactured over the past 60 years in Canada. Our tough lunchboxes have been handmade and hard working ever since 1956. You're buying tradition and premium, not just a lunchbox. We're proud to say that the world's best metal lunchbox is handmade by people the old way, right here in Northern Ontario, Canada. Our Miners Lunchbox is hand crafted from high grade aluminum, making it virtually indestructible, very practical, and so lightweight. Once you get your hands on a Miners Lunchbox, you own one for life. A retro style, eco lunch packaging product with many uses. This metal lunchbox isn't just for miners, it's handmade tough, for you. Simple durable design, inspired by the past and perfect for the present.

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